Wednesday, January 2, 2013

3.1 Creative organizing for my Crafts

Project #3 The Craft Self

Or more accurately, the entire bookcase and desk and drawers and...
We really like arts and crafts in this house - my second daughter especially - she can turn anything into an art project and I mean anything!! But corralling all the supplies and finished projects has been, well to say the least, difficult. So here are my tips/goals for our art supplies:

1. My Scrapbooking Materials - ok, so I think I bit off more than I can chew with this project! I started off strong with this task - using a 3-drawer plastic storage container next to my craft desk for easy access. All my stamping stuff in one drawer, the paper scraps took a whole drawer and the top drawer for little things like pens, scissors, etc. Then, I found a pile of pictures and my organizing motivation was out the window! I wanted to sit and remember and show the kids what they looked like 3 years ago. So, I think I need a break from this project and will return when I have a better plan to resist the reminiscing long enough to finish the organizing!

2. The Kids craft shelf - haven't touched it with ten-foot pole - yet!!

3. My sewing stuff - not quite ready for this one yet either!

Look for future posts about tackling the craft supply monster!
P.S. I did use several of my leftover plastic containers from Project 2 to organize my Scrapbook supplies - yea for me!

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