Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Facebook Addiction?

Do you have a Facebook addiction? In his book "Will You Be My Facebook Friend", Tim Chester challenges his readers to view their use of Facebook and other social media in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This quick read will certainly cause you think seriously about your motives and time investment in social media.

However, I have a couple of concerns. First, Chester does mention that Facebook is a blessing to some people, but he only spends two and a half pages on the benefits and the rest of the book on the dangers of it. I feel this is an unbalanced assessment of social networking. But, I understand this may not be the main point of the book.

My other concern is that the tone of the book may not effectively communicate the purpose of the book. It comes across as a lecturing parent. If the target audience is teenagers and young adults who lack self-control in the use of social media, insulting them by calling them "nerdy students" (42) may turn them off from the amazing message of the gospel that can set them free of their social media addiction.

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* Disclosure: I received this book free from Cross Focused Reviews  in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Taryn,

    Thanks for being part of the blog tour. As somebody who has described himself as a geek or nerd since jr. high, I don't know that all younger folks will necessarily be insulted by the term "nerdy students." ;-) Some of the challenge in deciding what to include in this book (focusing more on dangers than benefits) may have been the intended small size of the book.

    Other books I've really enjoyed in this "Christian Social Media" genre are You, Your Family and the Internet by David Clark and The Next Story by Tim Challies. I highly recommend both of those titles.

    Looking forward to working with you on future blog tours.

    Shaun Tabatt
    Cross Focused Reviews