Saturday, December 29, 2012

2. The Empty Butter Dish

Project #2: Clean out the storage container cabinet

1. I read somewhere that you should only keep 10 or less plastic storage containers for leftover food. Get rid of the rest. Well, I probably have 50+ plastic containers sitting in the cabinet waiting patiently to be used - time to purge.

2. Give away the nice ones - filled with goodies of course! I know several elderly ladies that could use a little extra love - Yippee! It's time to bake!

3. Use them to organize art/craft supplies - my craft shelves need to be "contained" - hmmm, sounds like project #3

4. Throw away the misfits - goodbye to all those lids that don't fit on anything

(Any that didn't fit the above categories I put in the garage sale/donate pile)

Wow! Now I have a nearly empty cabinet!




  1. Wow! Nice! I would need more than 10 though, we always eat our left over dinner from the night before for lunch the next day, and I have to divide it up between my husband and kids, so everyone gets their own dishes...LOL. But I do frequently throw out ones that lose lids, and mismatched lids, helps a lot!

  2. omy i needed to know this - thank you! on my list for this week is clean out that drawer and send food to neighbors :)