Friday, September 1, 2017

Book Review: The Border

This story of four teens running for their lives is full of raw emotion and intense moments. Regardless of your opinions on immigration, this story gives a vivid picture of the dire situations many people face and should cause us to be more thoughtful about this complex issue.

This is a great read for adults and mature teens due to some language, mild sexuality and violence.

*Special thanks to Sourcebooks through for sharing this book with me in exchange for my honest opinion.

Book Review: This is Where it Ends

Disclaimer: I can not recommend this book to teens for two reasons. First, for the use of the F-word. If it's not allowed in TV or movies for teens, it should't be in books for them either. (See my notes below.) Secondly, two of the main characters are females who claim to be in love, and although there is a strong push to make it a cultural norm, many parents and teens, like my family, still find homosexual relationships inappropriate. (See my notes below.) I will however review this book for it's literary quality.

Tyler feels he has lost everything - well, more like everything has been taken from him. He's angry, lonely, desperate, and feels the only way to make it right is to take his frustration out on the world that has betrayed him - Opportunity High School. His method - a deadly shooting spree - that's how he will not be forgotten.

Caught in the firestorm of Tyler's wrath, this story is told from the perspective of the four people he seeks to destroy - Claire, Autumn, Slyv, and Thomas.

Like: This book is extremely well written from a teenage point of view - not adult thinking, but emotional based and invincible mentality.

Like: It's not political, it's not a social commentary, or philosophically motivated - just telling a story.

Dislike: Culture's misunderstanding of love. Autumn & Sylv's relationship is a perfect best friend relationship, it doesn't need to be physically intimate. Like most teen relationships, it lacks the maturity it needs to really understand the commitment required to make it last.

Dislike: F-word just seems randomly thrown in there and is completely unnecessary when there is very little language in the rest of the book.

*Special thanks to Sourcebooks through for sharing this book with me in exchange for my honest opinion.