Tuesday, January 29, 2013

6.1 What's Hiding Under the bed?

Cleaning the Kids' Rooms

In case you were wondering, I have not given up on my home organizing goals, I've just been working instead of writing, so here's what we are accomplishing:

Every good organizer will tell you when you go to clean a room start with 3 boxes: 1. Trash it 2. Give it and 3. Keep it. So we gathered our boxes and headed to the kids' rooms. I don't tell my kids "Go clean your room!" because I know that means it will all just get shoved under the bed or in the closet. Instead we turn on some music and dig in together. It becomes a bonding time for us and I know they are actually getting the job done.

1. Little man and Baby girl
Step 1: Letting go of the rocker - My husband bought me that rocking chair when I was pregnant with our oldest 13 years ago. Every time I look at it, so many memories come to mind - sleepless nights with a fussy baby, nursing at all hours of the day and night, reading stories and singing songs. I think that's what I did most in that chair, was rock and sing. But it's time to let go and move on. We don't use the chair anymore, baby girl is almost 3 now. It just takes up space and collects laundry. I still have all my memories, so it's ok to move the chair out to the yard sale pile. Right?!

Step 2: Now that there is a little more room, I moved the little toy self out of the closet, so those two can put their toys on it. Imagine that, what a novel idea?! Now the bottom of the closet is clear except for 2 small crates, they each have one for their shoes.

Step 3: Next, we clear off their dressers of any misc. items. This is where the boxes come in handy because we can get rid of most of the little things that collect on the dressers. Then quickly go thru the drawers and pull out anything that doesn't fit, bag it up for yard sale/donate pile and dust. I also fix their curtain rods and cut up a flat sheet for new curtains.

Step 4: Finally, in this room we clean the floor. You would think this a quick thing, but Baby girl pulls fuzzies off her favorite blanket and they were having a convention under her bed. Then I shake out the rug, which apparently was long overdue because a small sandbox formed in the middle of the floor. Ah, thankfully the sweeping is over!

Now on to the big girls' room, but we will save that for another post!

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