Monday, April 30, 2012

Theme of my Life

Every year around my birthday in December, I come up with a "Theme for my Life" for the upcoming year (I got the idea from event speaker, Naomi Rhode). I do this to focus on an area of spiritual growth or to watch how God is working in my life throughout the year. Then I read books and journal about that theme all year. Sometimes I go back through my journal to see how I've grown in my faith and all the things God has taught me along the way. Some of my themes have been:

  • Jesus Loves Me - Longing for Passion
  • The Ways of God - Following the Narrow Path
  • A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart
  • The Love Dare
  • Growing an Orchard: Living out the Fruit of the Spirit for my kids
  • Anointed: Daily Living Through the Power of the Holy Spirit
  • A Healthy Lifestyle: Inside & Out

Try picking a theme for the year - you might learn something about yourself, who God is and how you should respond to Him. Leave a comment and tell me your theme ideas, I'd love to hear them!