Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Little Homemakers

My husband loves a clean home. It makes him feel relaxed. However, with homeschooling four kids plus an infant, my house cleaning radar is usually set to survival mode. Now grant it, my oldest daughter, who is 15 is a huge help. Let's call her Supergirl. But the middle three - the Artist (10), the Athlete (9), and the Animal (6) - would rather do almost anything other than CHORES!!
Then there's Tater Tot whose only 11 months old and her version of helping is to make a bigger mess to clean up!

So, I'm feeling overwhelmed with the housework. I want my home to be a place where my husband can feel welcomed and peaceful. Or at least not have sticky tables and Lego covered floors.

I have recruited the older four kids to take on more household responsibilities. For the past couple of years they have been doing Saturday morning chores (I don't know why we always do them on Saturday, we homeschool, we can do chores anytime, but alas, Saturday morning seems to be stuck with chores.)
Almost every weekend they clean the bathrooms and put their laundry away. They often dust, sweep, and vacuum. But it seems like the jobs are only done half way and Supergirl and I pick up the slack. Also, the daily cleanup doesn't happen like it should. So these are the things we're working on. Plus, I teaching them some kitchen skills in hopes that someday soon they can prepare a fine dining experience for the whole family - yeah right, I just want them to be able to make their own lunch.

Pinterest is full of great age-appropriate chore lists and creative chore charts. Here's a board I'm working on with some cool ideas:
Here's one of those chore chart ideas I made that worked for us for a while:

What ideas are working in your home to keep your sanity in tack and your house clean and organized??

P.S. My friend Christina just invented this amazing new product that attaches to a spray bottle and shines a black light to reveal unseen messes for cleaning - it's like CSI:Chores, check it out: