Wednesday, January 2, 2013

4. Baby it's Cold Outside

Project #4 - Cleaning out the coat closet

Between Christmas and New Year's we got several inches of snow. My kids love to play in the snow. Granted, it takes 20 minutes to get 4 kids bundled up and they usually only last outside for 45 minutes - it gets them out of the house, gets their bodies moving and wears them out (after several days of being cooped up, we all need this!)

This means we had to pull out all the hats, mittens, snowsuits - everything in the coat closet - to see what fits each kid. What a perfect opportunity to get rid of all the leftover stuff that doesn't fit anyone anymore!

1. Save for sister - with 3 girls, most stuff gets passed down -  those coats that don't fit the older two get packed away to save until someone grows into it.

2. Bye-bye misfits - I feel sad for lonely gloves - but after a thorough search for a mate - misfits get tossed.

3. Anything still in good shape that won't be passed down gets donated.

4. If we have more than 2 of something in any one size - the extras get donated - I know that there's many kids who don't have enough warm winter clothes to wear - it makes me so grateful that my kids have more than enough and all the more willing to share the surplus!!


  1. Sounds like a good plan.

    We put an over-the-door shoe organizer on the inside of our coat closet. Everyone gets a row. That means there is enough room for each person to have a hat, scarf, gloves, and one extra something in their row. Now they can all get their own stuff on and put away really quickly. It is awesome.

  2. I love that idea, Dawn! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Taryn, what do you do with the "extra" mittens/gloves that have lost a mate in the twilight zone (or the dog ate it). Any nice idea for those - or just trash them ?

    1. I was going to just trash them, but I think I will look for craft ideas for single mittens on pinterest first:) Or maybe I'll let the kids dust with them?!