Friday, December 28, 2012

Project Organize 2013

Hi, my name is Taryn and I am a packrat. I come by it honest, though. When my grandma gave me the first cookbook she purchased after her wedding in 1951, it still had the receipt in it - she keeps everything!
We're not talking an episode of Hoarders here - let's just say I'm sentimental and have a keen sense of future creativity. I have my piles and I know what's in them. Plus, it never fails that when I get the nerve to throw something away, a week later I realize I needed that!
However, to honor my husband (who is a neat freak, compared to me) and to better care for my home - I hereby dub 2013 as "Project Organize". I have everything I need to get started - a Pinterest board full of organization tips and ideas, my Kindle is cluttered with ebooks on organization and I have a really big trash can in the garage. I hope maybe by posting my goals and progress here, it will help me stay accountable to the task! Great ideas and encouragement are very welcome and needed - so please share!! So, here's to organizing my life - may the new year bring a successful endeavor!

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