Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mom Connection - Disconnected

I was very disappointed after reading Mom Connection by Tracey Bianchi

I find this book random and confusing. It was meant to be a devotional for MOPS but there is nothing inspiring to share with the group - just random thoughts and cliches. I love the idea of a  guide to creating mom friendships with "Mom tested-tips" at the end of each chapter - but they are repetitive and wacky.

The most disappointing part was Chapter 12 "Flannelgraph". The subtitle: Here comes the Jesus chapter. This is ironic because she only mentions Jesus by name three times in the whole chapter. She has the perfect opportunity to explain the gospel and instead compares God to "a giant tambourine-playing hippie" (183)
There is no mention of repentance or salvation - just a journey of faith. If someone asks if she's a Christian her answer depends on the adjectives used: horrible - no; good - yes(182). What about telling us what a Christian is suppose to be?
Her Christian experience has a very New Age feeling:
"Motherhood - divine dance with God"
"What is your dance like with God?"
"Will you get up and dance?"
Unfortunately Bianchi doesn't understand the gospel and treats God very disrespectfully.
I am shocked MOPS endorsed this as their Recommended reading/Devotion book for the year!
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