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Glimpses of Grace

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I'm a homemaker who wants to honor God by loving my husband and children and managing my home well. There is a wealth of information and products out there that promise to help me do just that. If you are anything like me, you probably have several Pinterest boards full of ideas or have read a dozen books and magazines to get a plan together.

My problem is I never stick with my plan for very long! Why? Because, as Gloria Furman shows in her book, Glimpses of Grace, my real problem is not my plan, but how I view my life in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Part 1, Gloria explains our foundation in the mundane. The gospel is clearly spelled out, not in, as she says, "smurf" or "Christianese", but the basic truths are laid out: the fall of man, the substitutionary death of Christ, and our need to respond in repentance and faith.

Gloria also helps us understand some key ideas to really grasp the grace that is offered to us:
The Gift of God is God himself not our stuff.
God's grace in the mundane is experienced in living daily life to reflect His glory.
Our relationship with God is not just during a quiet time, it includes all of our life.
Salvation is marvelous and exciting, not boring!

Part 2 is all about experiencing the miraculous in the mundane:
This is not the "believe and achieve" or "reach for the stars " kind of fluff that I think most moms are tired of hearing. Gloria challenges us to take a look at life through the lens of the gospel - every attitude, responsibility, and motive. Our friendships, contentment, organization - all have to be rooted in the gospel of Jesus to be honoring to God. Gloria really addresses our heart/sin issues, not just the surface issues. She does so by explaining deep theological truths - but don't worry, she's a good mom and has cut those meaty truths into bite-size, easy-to-digest pieces seasoned with personal examples.

Warning: this book is for serious homemakers only! Don't pick up this book unless you're ready to have your worldview challenged. The point is not to get you to change your actions, but to change your way of thinking. Glimpses of Grace will stretch you in how you view your everyday in light of the gospel of Christ. Thank you, Gloria, for reminding me of God's grace in my daily life as a homemaker!

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