Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Ways of God are Supreme

 Several years ago I did a Bible Study called "The Ways of God" by Henry Blackaby & Roy Edgemon. In reviewing my notes, I underlined and highlighted so much of the book that really I just recommend you read it for yourself, but here (and in the next few posts) I will share some of my favorite quotes and insights on understanding the ways of God.

"We are flesh and blood, created by God to serve God, and placed in the context of time by God."(9)
"When God speaks, He is already in the process of doing what He says." (13)
"Faith is the confident expectation that God will do what He has said He will do." (14)
"Holiness is the moral excellence of God." (17)
"Unbelief is significant. Do not treat lightly what God treats seriously. God alone is truth. What God says is always true-with no exceptions." (19)
"God's ways measure only our obedience or disobedience in doing His will. The ways of God do not accommodate substitutes. Substitutes are the reasoning of the world." (26)

 My (former) Ways:                                                 Obeying God's Ways:
1. Complain about extra work/feel overwhelmed      1. Accept challenges to bring glory to God
2. Daydream about a different life                            2. Be thankful for family who care about me
3. Expect credit for accomplished goals                   3. Humbly let others receive recognition
4. Be grumpy because it didn't go my way               4. Praise God for His perfect plan & timing
5. Gossip & grudges toward people I don't like       5.  Show appreciation to everyone

Quotes from: Blackaby, Henry T. & Roy T. Edgemon, The Ways of God. (Nashville, TN: LifeWay, Church Resources, 2001.)

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