Thursday, July 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker and hundreds of others. We write for five minutes. All on the same prompt. No extreme editing. No worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation.Unscripted. Unedited. Real.



The sparkle in his eyes when he smiles.
You can tell so much about a person by looking into their eyes. Some say it is the window to our soul.  Making eye contact is not always easy. Maybe they are ashamed, hiding something, afraid, unsure of who they are. But when you do make eye contact and smile - perhaps they will smile back - and you can see hope, childlike faith, curiosity, questions wanting answers, a potential friendship. These are the eyes of so many foster kids we had in our home for 2 years. I may not know where they are all at now, but I will never forget them, will always pray for them and will never forget their beautiful eyes.



  1. Thank you for writing with the FMF group. Thank you also for taking care of children that need a loving family to care. We did respite care a number of years ago and have thought about getting involved again. Thank you for the reminder. I wish foster care wasn't needed, unfortunately our county has a huge amount, more than the largest two counties in the state (St. Louis and KC).
    Definitely something to pray about. We can and should be doing more.
    Those eyes, yes, to look into their eyes.
    Thank you.

  2. I love this post...thank you for loving those children who need someone and doing it so well. They are blessed to have had in you their lives...even if just for a short time. Blessings and happy Friday, sweet friend! :)

  3. What a blessing you have been for these kids :) Beautiful post, friend.

  4. Stopping by from FMF. I glanced at your picture before reading this post and immediately thought "she has a beautiful smile and caring eyes." And then when I read you were a foster mom, I thought, no wonder she's beautiful. What a special blessing to those children you must be! Thank you for your service to them, and for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Hi Taryn! So happy to meet you through FMF! I love your simple take on beauty. My husband and I did foster care for eight years, and they were the happiest, and most challenging times of our lives.

    Happy to 'join' you and learn more about your journey in Beauty!!

    Happy Friday,

  6. Thank you for being a blessing to children who need love, and to know that they are beautiful!

  7. My best friend is a foster parent and I'd venture to say that she's seen those same eyes. I'm so thankful for women like you who are the hands and feet of Jesus to the very least of these. Thank you.

  8. Being a parent is hard but I believe being a foster parent is a whole different kind of hard. Thank you for not only what you do, loving and caring for those children but also what you do for society by teaching them how to love.

  9. Being a foster parent and giving hope to a child is one of the most beautiful things a family can do.