Friday, August 24, 2012

Books for Mamas

I just finished reading a couple of really great mom books that encouraged and inspired me in my role of motherhood! (Find links to their blogs on my "Blogs I Love" page)

Beyond Bath Time by Erin Davis
This first one really helped me remember that my kids are a blessing, not a burden and to treasure these gifts God has shared with me. Seeing my job as MOM as a sacred role helps me do all the cooking, cleaning, correcting and other daily tasks with joy and with the goal of bringing honor to God in all things.
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Together by Carrie Ward
The second book is about reading through the entire Bible with your kids - I love that her plan was simple and she tells her personal story of accomplishing the goal. Sharing God's word with our children is such a vital part of parenting. I've already started with my kids!

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