Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Poem: How to Love a Friend

The Bible says love is patient
Patience means I will listen to you tell the same story for the 20th time and still be interested
Love is kind
            Kindness means I will take you out for lunch even if it’s not your birthday
It is not jealous, is does not brag, it is not proud
In other words, love is humble and humble means if you are having a bad day, I will save my good news for later and just listen and be there for you.
It is not rude or self-seeking and keeps no records of wrong
Love forgives – I won’t bring up past mistakes, I won’t let your shortcomings be my pet peeve and if we have a problem, I’ll talk to you first
It does not rejoice in evil, but in the truth
Love bears all things – I know your most embarrassing secret
Believes all things – I know you can accomplish your goal
Hopes all things – I will always pray for you
Endures all things – I will put up with you when you are grumpy
Love never fails
I may fail as a friend at times, but God never fails because HE IS LOVE. He brought us together and will keep us to the end. Praise God for friends like you!

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  1. This is very encouraging!! I <3 it! Did you write this Taryn?