Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Fun: Beating Summertime Boredem

Keeping kids busy during the summer months can be quite a task and unless you have an unlimited budget for camps and activities, you might have to get creative to avoid the "B" word (BORED!).

Here's how we kept busy last summer:

Make It Monday 
       -craft projects: get on Pinterest and finds some cool ideas, then hit the craft store and make      something cool
       -dig through the recycle bin and build something: a city for cars, a robot, and house for stuffed animals

Take a Dip Tuesday
       -hit the local pool, turn on the sprinkler, or have a water balloon fight

Work Day Wednesday
        -what projects need to get done around the house: yard work, sorting toys, cleaning out closets; give kids simple tasks to help big projects get done

Thinking Thursday 
        -exercise your brain with board games, read aloud books, science experiements

Fun Day Friday
         -take day trips to local museums, parks, cultural markets, go to the movies, or work on a project from earlier in the week

A couple of fun apps we used this summer:
Geocaching (go treasure hunting wherever you are)
DIY (try new things, make cool projects, and earn badges for completing challenges)

Here's my Pinterest board for more inspiration:
Summer Fun!

Hope you have a fun and exciting summer!

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