Friday, October 11, 2013

Project Organize Revived

The last time I posted on Project Organize 2013 was in March.  Since then, we remodeled our house, sold that house, moved into a rental for the summer and then moved across the country from Ohio to Texas. organizing plan gets a fresh start.

I have three goals to keep my new home organized:
  • Monthly Meal Planning - so dinner time is easy peasy (October's Menu)
  • Cute and easy storage - for all the kids miscellany (okay, mine too - but we'll blame it on the kids)
  • Put Pinterest to real life use - 
    • Use those helpful cleaning tips and schedules to create a simple clean routine
    •  Actually make all those cute crafts to decorate my home, it will make it feel welcoming
    • Make-over for my closet (which will require a personal make-over too!)
I want my role as homemaker to bring glory to God. I want a home where my husband can relax and feel at peace. I want my kids to value a well-kept home.

Ambitious? Maybe! But, that's why I'm sharing it here with you - accountability! I welcome encouragement and suggestions! I hope my honest sharing is encouraging and inspiring too!

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